Echo VR API Reference

The primary entry point of the API is through the fetch_state() method. This method returns a GameState object which you can then traverse to find any information you could want.

If for some reason you need more direct control over how the API is accessed, you may instead decide to use the API class directly.


If you haven’t already, first install Python 3 and Pipenv.

Now, in your project directory, run:

pipenv install echovr-api

Basic Usage


import echovr_api

    game_state = echovr_api.fetch_state()

    print(f"Game status: {game_state.game_status}")
    print(f"Seconds on clock: {game_state.game_clock}")
    print(f"Score: {game_state.blue_team.score} - {game_state.orange_team.score}")

    # See `GameState` reference for available properties/methods
except ConnectionError as e:
    # Echo VR is not running, or you didn't pass the -http parameter when
    # starting it.
except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError as e:
    # Echo VR is currently not in an Arena match


For a complete listing of available modules, classes, and methods, see Module Index.

You can also view comprehensive documentation of the raw HTTP API itself at the Unofficial Echo VR API Documentation.